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Buy a Banner / sponsorship on the latest travel portal of  Scandinavia.

We have started the sale of advertisements on this site. We will have different possibilities regarding the size and will detail prices.

As we are native in Gran Canaria, we have made it inexpensive to buy advertisements. Firstly we don’t pay so much V.A.T., and as you'll see, there’s only 5% V.A.T. on your factura. Furthermore the taxes are low down here, which of course will have an impact on the prices to you.

The advertisements will be placed, where you want them, but it is entirely up to us to place them on the pages, in regard to the general impression of the page, and regarding what is paid for the advertisement.

The below price alone covers the advertisement.
The advertiser covers the expense for developing and producing the ad.
We may be of some help with improvements.
We have always really good prices on home sites.

If you have a visiting card, paper with letterhead or such, it is normally enough. Contact webmaster for more info.

This is how to order an advertisement:
Contact webmaster with required size. If you have your own material, send it as an appendix. If you do not have your own material then write a little about what it is you want.  We will make a draft and send it to you.

On your acceptance, we will place it on the page and mail you a factura to be paid on receipt. – The preferred travel site for Scandinavians – click here!

Advertisements Prices:

Advertisements Dimensions Price per Month Price per Year
Text links in frames – see above   50
Banner 120 x 60 pixel   50
Banner 140 x 140 pixel 15 150
Banner 140 x 350 pixel 30 300
Banner 468 x 60 pixel 30 300
Banner 468 x 60 pixel
incl. 3 Text Lines
40 400
Banner 468 x 350 pixel 50 500
Top banner 780 x 90 pixel 100 1000

Above prices are due for all pages except the front page.
Prices on the front page are double by the month, and the page is not included in the discount system.

Discount System:

Number of advertisement pages Discount on prices above
2 pages 10 %
3 pages 25 %
4 pages 40 %
+ 5 pages 50 %

Terms of advertising: isn’t responsible for loss or other matters, due to lack of admission to services or information on the Internet. This is valid, regardless if the failing admittance is due to a break down in systems, other matters at or force majeure, the likes of strike or lockout. doesn’t permit exposure of banners with link to pornographic sites or other sites with distasteful or offensive content. reserves the right to decline consumers that claim belong to this category, or where the ads from the advertiser are not relevant to this site. does not publish websites with offensive or pornographic material, and this also applies to third party persons involved in the ad.

Therefore all links will be viewed very closely in the advertising period. apologises that these measures are necessary, but consider it absolutely so, as many medias to this criteria have lots of free sites for advertising. reserve the right to delete ads, when and if offensive materials occur. We will forward mail to the advertiser with an opportunity to correct the matter, and if this happens, the ad will be brought again. We look forward to receiving applications from visitors, who have seen links with offensive or pornographic material.
If a deal about advertisements is in place, no refund will take place from, if deletions are due to the above reasons.


We have started the sale of advertisements on this site. We will have different possibilities regarding the size and will detail prices........Read more!!!!!!









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